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Fig. 3

From: Variable gene transcription underlies phenotypic convergence of hypoxia tolerance in sculpins

Fig. 3

Schematic representation of genes associated with protein production, localization and folding. Arrows represent gene transcription changes in response to hypoxia in the smoothhead sculpin (black), sailfin sculpin (blue) and Pacific staghorn sculpin (red). Gray arrows represent genes with similar transcription patterns among the species. Short arrows indicate transcription patterns during short-term hypoxia, long arrows indicate transcription patterns during long-term hypoxia, double arrows indicate transcription patterns during short- and long-term hypoxia, a horizontal line indicates no change from normoxia and the letter ‘v’ represents a variable response. See Additional files 3, 4 and 5 (Figures S3-S5) for full gene names and complete transcription profiles of the genes

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