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Fig. 1

From: Allele phasing is critical to revealing a shared allopolyploid origin of Medicago arborea and M. strasseri (Fabaceae)

Fig. 1

Gene trees matching an autopolyploid (left) and allopolyploid (right) mode of origin in two low-copy nuclear genes 1 and 9, respectively. Only Bayesian clade posterior probabilities above 0.9 are shown. The scale bar is in units of millions of years. Individuals (species and sample number within that species) included in the truncated clades Sativa, Truncatula, and Rotata, are as follows; M. papillosa1, M. papillosa2, M. sp., M. rhodopea1, M. rhodopea2, M. prostrata and M. sativa: M. littoralis, M. italica, and M. truncatula: M. shepardii and M. rotata, respectively. The blue and yellow M. arborea & M. strasseri clades contain what we interpret as one homoeologue each and their allelic variants

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