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Fig. 1

From: Dynamic karyotype evolution and unique sex determination systems in Leptidea wood white butterflies

Fig. 1

Neighbor-joining tree of mitochondrial COI haplotypes of L. sinapis (grey background), L. reali (orange background) and L. juvernica (blue background). Specimens sequenced and analysed in this study are indicated by an asterisk and were combined with representatives of all available haplotypes of L. sinapis, L. reali and L. juvernica identified in a previous study [41]. Leptidea amurensis, L. lactea, L. morsei and L. duponcheli were used as outgroup. For the origin of all specimens and GenBank accession numbers, see Additional file 5: Table S1. The scale represents 0.01 substitutions per site. Bootstrap supports (100 replicates) are shown next to the recovered nodes. Representative male specimens and genitalia (drawn to scale, with phallus and saccus indicated) are shown

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