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Table 1 Androgen receptors, species names and their accession numbers.

From: The fate of the duplicated androgen receptor in fishes: a late neofunctionalization event?

Genus_AR Scientific name Common name Class_Infraclass Order SWP_TrEMBL_ID Ensembl_Prot_ID GenBank_Acc_Nb
Homo_AR Homo sapiens Human Mammalia Primates ANDR_HUMAN ENSP00000363822 P10275
Mus_AR Mus musculus Mouse Mammalia Rodentia ANDR_MOUSE ENSMUSP00000052648 NP_038504
Gallus_AR Gallus gallus Chicken Aves Galliformes Q2ACE0_CHICK ENSGALP00000007301 BAE80463
Xenopus_t_AR Xenopus tropicalis European clawed frog Amphibia Anura n.a. ENSXETP00000011091 n.a.
Xenopus_l_AR Xenopus laevis African clawed frog Amphibia Anura P70048_XENLA _ AAC97386
Protopterus_AR Protopterus annectens Protopterus annectens Sarcopterygii/dipnoi Lepidosireniformes A3QQ74_PROAN _ ABF50783*
Myoxocephalus_AR-B Myoxocephalus scorpius Shorthorn sculpin Actinopterygii/Teleostei Scorpaeniformes A3QQ70_MYOSC _ ABF50779*
Takifugu_AR-A Takifugu rubripes Fugu Actinopterygii/Teleostei Tetraodontiformes n.a. SINFRUP00000156318* n.a.
Takifugu_AR-B      n.a. SINFRUP00000135072* n.a.
Tetraodon_AR-A Tetraodon nigroviridis Spotted green pufferfish Actinopterygii/Teleostei Tetraodontiformes Q4S8Q7_TETNG GSTENP00022234001 CAG02975
Tetraodon_AR-B      Q4RT97_TETNG GSTENP00029350001 CAG08385
Tetraodon_f_AR-A Tetraodon fluviatilis Green pufferfish Actinopterygii/Teleostei Tetraodontiformes A3QQ72_TETFL _ ABF50781*
Porichthys_AR-A Porichthys notatus Plainfin midshipman Actinopterygii/Teleostei Batrachoidiformes Q4F6Z1_PORNO _ AAZ14095
Oryzias_AR-A Oryzias latipes Medaka Actinopterygii/Teleostei Beloniformes Q76LM5_ORYLA ENSORLP00000011941* BAC98301
Oryzias_AR-B      A8CMD5_ORYLA ENSORLP00000010323* ABV55993
Rivulus_AR-A Rivulus marmoratus Mangrove rivulus Actinopterygii/Teleostei Cyprinodontiformes Q15HT9_RIVMA _ ABC68612
Gambusia_AR-A Gambusia affinis Western mosquitofish Actinopterygii/Teleostei Cyprinodontiformes Q5NU07_GAMAF _ BAD81046
Gambusia_AR-B      Q5NU08_GAMAF _ BAD81045
Gasterosteus_AR-A Gasterosteus aculeatus Three-spined stickleback Actinopterygii/Teleostei Gasterosteiformes Q801Z2_GASAC ENSGACP00000026869 AAO83572
Gasterosteus_AR-B      n.a. ENSGACP00000024489* n.a.
Micropogonias_AR-A Micropogonias undulatus Atlantic croaker Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes Q66VR6_MICUN _ AAU09477
Acanthopagrus_AR-A Acanthopagrus schlegeli Black porgy Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes Q800S7_ACASC _ AAO61694
Haplochromis_AR-A Haplochromis burtoni Burton's mouthbrooder Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes Q8QFV7_HAPBU _ AAL92878
Haplochromis_AR-B      Q9W6F4_HAPBU _ AAD25074
Dicentrarchus_AR-A Dicentrarchus labrax European sea bass Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes Q4G497_DICLA _ AAT76433
Dicentrarchus_AR-B      A3QQ67_DICLA _ ABF50776*
Lepomis_AR-A Lepomis gibbosus Lepomis gibbosus Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes A3QQ57_9PERO _ ABF50766*
Oreochromis_AR-A Oreochromis niloticus Nile tilapia Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes Q8UWB7_ORENI _ BAB20082
Oreochromis_AR-B      Q8UWB8_ORENI _ BAB20081
Perca_AR-A Perca fluviatilis Perch Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes A3QQ55_PERFL _ ABF50764*
Pagrus_AR-A Pagrus major Red sea bream Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes O93497_PAGMA _ BAA33451
Pomatoschistus_AR-B Pomatoschistus minutus Sand goby Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes A3QQ69_POMMI _ ABF50778*
Halichoeres_AR-A Halichoeres trimaculatus Three-spot wrasse Actinopterygii/Teleostei Perciformes Q9DDJ4_HALTR _ AAG48340
Salmo_AR-A Salmo salar Atlantic salmon Actinopterygii/Teleostei Salmoniformes Q8UWF7_SALSA _ AAL29928
Oncorhynchus_AR-A1 Oncorhynchus mykiss Rainbow trout Actinopterygii/Teleostei Salmoniformes O93244_ONCMY _ BAA32784
Oncorhynchus_AR-A2      O93245_ONCMY _ BAA32785
Cyprinus_AR-A Cyprinus carpio Common carp Actinopterygii/Teleostei Cypriniformes A3QQ59_CYPCA _ ABF50768*
Carassius_AR-A Carassius auratus Goldfish Actinopterygii/Teleostei Cypriniformes Q8QFV2_CARAU _ AAM09278
Ctenopharyngodon_AR-A Ctenopharyngodon idella Grass carp Actinopterygii/Teleostei Cypriniformes A3QQ60_CTEID _ ABF50769*
Labeo_AR-A Labeo rohita Indian major carp Actinopterygii/Teleostei Cypriniformes A3QQ58_LABRO _ ABF50767*
Pimephales_AR-A Pimephales promelas Fathead minnow Actinopterygii/Teleostei Cypriniformes Q9I8F5_9TELE _ AAF88138
Danio_AR-A Danio rerio Zebrafish Actinopterygii/Teleostei Cypriniformes A4GVF3_DANRE ENSDARP00000016299 ABO21344
Gymnocorymbus_AR-A Gymnocorymbus ternetzi Black Widow tetra Actinopterygii/Teleostei Characiformes A3QQ71_9TELE _ ABF50780*
Clarias_AR-A Clarias gariepinus Sharptooth catfish Actinopterygii/Teleostei Siluriformes A3QQ63_CLAGA _ ABF50772*
Heterotis_AR-A Heterotis niloticus Heterotis Actinopterygii/Teleostei Osteoglossiformes A3QQ64_9TELE _ ABF50773*
Heterotis_AR-B      A3QQ65_9TELE _ ABF50774*
Anguilla_AR-A Anguilla japonica Japanese eel Actinopterygii/Teleostei Anguilliforme Q9PWG5_ANGJA _ BAA83805
Anguilla_AR-B      Q9YGV9_ANGJA _ BAA75464
Acipenser_AR Acipenser baerii Siberian sturgeon Actinopterygii Acipenseriformes A3QQ77_ACIBE _ ABF50786*
Squalus_AR Squalus acanthias Spiny dogfish Chondrichthyes Squaliformes Q56VU2_SQUAC _ AAP55843
Ginglymostoma_AR Ginglymostoma cirratum Nurse shark Chondrichthyes Orectolobiformes A3QQ75_GINCI _ ABF50784*
Leucoraja_AR Leucoraja erinacea Little skate Chondrichthyes Rajiformes Q1KXY2_RAJER _ ABD46746
  1. Names of the species used in this analysis and their accession numbers retrieved from SwissProt, TrEMBL, Ensembl and Genbank. Asterisks show the genes sequenced in this survey. Non available: n.a.