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Figure 3

From: Assembling an arsenal, the scorpion way

Figure 3

Conservation levels within the coding region. (A) Putative leader and mature domains of the depressant toxin family, as displayed by Jalview. Amino acid residues are shaded according to residue identity in a color scale from blue (high) to white (low). Position-specific similarities are indicated by the quality parameter (taking into account amino acid characteristics). The degree of similarity is indicated by bar height and color, ranging from light yellow (high) to dark brown (low). (B) Unrooted trees for the leader and the mature toxin regions of several toxin families. The toxin families' identity is indicated over each cluster. While in the leader domain, all the gene family segregate into clearly defined branches, in the mature domain, the transcripts start to diverge from a point much closer to the origin, in a star-like shape.

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