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Table 2 Results of the AU (Approximately Unbiased) tests for the Microbotryum violaceum dataset including strains from Silene acaulis.

From: Cophylogeny of the anther smut fungi and their caryophyllaceous hosts: Prevalence of host shifts and importance of delimiting parasite species for inferring cospeciation

   Topology enforced (MP tree with bootstraps > 70)
   β-tub γ-tub Ef1α
Gene used β-tub 0.995 0.002 0.346
  γ-tub 0.005 0.999 <0.001
  Ef1α <0.001 0.002 0.681
  1. P-values lower than 0.05 indicate that the likelihood of the topology obtained using one focal gene is significantly different from the likelihood of the enforced topologies (obtained using each other gene). When the Microbotryum strains parasitizing S. acaulis were removed in the fungal trees, all topologies were identical.