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Figure 4

From: Contrasting parasite communities among allopatric colour morphs of the Lake Tanganyika cichlid Tropheus

Figure 4

Determinants of parasite community differentiation (Hellinger distance) among eight Tropheus populations from southern Lake Tanganyika. A) Genetic differentiation as quantified with pairwise D vs. Hellinger distance; B) Standardized variance in allele frequencies (GST) vs. Hellinger distance; C) Geographical distance along the shoreline vs. Hellinger distance; D) Hellinger distance as quantified in 2011 vs. Hellinger distance as quantified in 2012. Panels A, B and C combine data from 2011 (black dots) with data from 2012 (white dots). Dashed lines (superimposed on non-significant relationships) were obtained with a lowess function. Full lines (superimposed on significant relationships) represent least-square linear regression lines.

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