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Figure 1

From: Parallel re-modeling of EF-1α function: divergent EF-1α genes co-occur with EFL genes in diverse distantly related eukaryotes

Figure 1

EF-1α phylogeny. The unrooted maximum-likelihood tree was inferred from 79 EF-1α sequences with 400 unambiguously aligned amino acid positions. Bootstrap values less than 70% are not shown except at nodes that are relevant to EF-1α gene evolution in Fungi, diatoms, oomycetes, and Apusomonadida (nodes A to F). The nodes supported by Bayesian posterior probabilities ≥ 0.95 are highlighted by thick lines. Branches leading to the taxa containing both EFL and EF-1α genes are highlighted in red. The lineages comprising both EF-1α-containing and EFL-containing species are highlighted in magenta. The new sequences isolated/identified in this study are indicated by stars.

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