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Table 6 Diversity of developmental parameters observed in the eight studied species

From: Bipartite life cycle of coral reef fishes promotes increasing shape disparity of the head skeleton during ontogeny: an example from damselfishes (Pomacentridae)

Element Larval shapes Allometric patterns Rates of development Lengths of ontogenetic trajectories
Neurocranium 8 7 2 4
Susp. & opercle 8 7 3 3
Mandible 8 7 3 2
Premaxilla 8 8 4 1
  1. The figures represent the diversity of studied allometric parameters (i.e. larval shapes, allometric trajectories, rates of shape changes and lengths of allometric trajectory) among damselfishes. As eight damselfish species were studied, 8 is a maximum stating that each species has a specific developmental parameter.