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Figure 5

From: Evolution of Parallel Spindles Like genes in plants and highlight of unique domain architecture#

Figure 5

Alignment of PSLsFHA and yRAD53pFHA. The protein domain alignment of PSLsFHA and yRAD53pFHA is reported showing the conservation of active sites labeled with a green octagon when the residues are conserved. A yellow or a red octagon mark an aminoacid substitution of same or different polarity, respectively. At = Arabidopsis thaliana; Ac = Aquilegia coerulea; Al = Arabidopsis lyrata; Bd = Brachypodium distachyon; Br = Brassica rapa; Cp = Carica papaya; Cs = Cucumis sativus; Gm = Glycine max; Me = Manihot esculenta; Mg = Mimulus guttatus; Mt = Medicago truncatula; Os = Oryza saliva; Pp = Prunus persica; Pt = Populus trichocarpa; Sb = Sorghum bicolour; Si = Setaria italica; Sl = Solanum lycopersicon; Sm = Selaginella moellendorffii; Vv = Vitis vinifera.

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