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Fig. 3

From: Growth zone segmentation in the milkweed bug Oncopeltus fasciatus sheds light on the evolution of insect segmentation

Fig. 3

Expression of the segment polarity genes hh (a-a’), and wg (b-b′), and the Notch ligand Dl (c-c). For the most part hh expression corresponds to that of inv/en, defining the posterior of each segment. Unlike inv/en, hh is expressed in the anterior GZ, and in a patch at the posterior GZ. wg (b, b′) is expressed in the middle of each segment. Like hh, it is expressed in a patch in the posterior of the GZ. Dl (c-c′) is found to be expressed in a series of stripes in the anterior GZ, and in a punctate pattern in neuronal tissue. Embryo ages are as in Fig. 1. In all images, anterior is to the top

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