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Table 3 Expression analysisa of selected Clonostachys rosea S8A serine protease genes during interaction with fungal prey

From: Comparative evolutionary histories of fungal proteases reveal gene gains in the mycoparasitic and nematode-parasitic fungus Clonostachys rosea

  prs1 prs2 prs3 prs4 prs5 prs6 prs7 prs8 prs9 prs10 prs11 prs12 rs13 prs14 prs15 prs16 prs17 prs18
Cr-Fg 0.57 a 0.43 b 0.49 b 0.52 a N/D 1.47 a 1.74 a N/D 0.63 ab N/D 0.53 b N/D 0.48 b 0.53 b 1.54 a 0.84 a N/D 1.48 a
Cr-BC 1.01 a 0.35 b 0.74 ab 0.77 a N/D 1.26 ab 1.04 a D 0.33 b N/D 0.56 b N/D 0.94 ab 0.24 b 0.83 b 0.71 a 1.29 a 0.98 a
Cr-Cr 1.27 a 1.08 a 1.03 a 1.13 a N/D 1.01 b 1.24 a N/D 1.15 a D 1.02 a N/D 1.10 a 1.23 a 1.12 ab 1.04 a 8.26 a 1.11 a
  1. N/D no detectable expression, D detectable expression
  2. aGene expression of S8A serine protease genes was determined by RT-qPCR during the interaction of C. rosea with B. cinerea (Cr-Bc), C. rosea with F. graminearum (Cr-Fg) and C. rosea with itself (Cr-Cr, control). Relative expression is calculated as the ratio between the target gene and tubulin using the 2–ΔΔCT method. Different letters indicate significant differences (P ≤ 0.05) between treatments for each gene as determined by the Fisher’s least significant difference (LSD) test. The statistical analysis was performed on a minimum of three biological replicates