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Fig. 4

From: Comparative evolutionary histories of fungal proteases reveal gene gains in the mycoparasitic and nematode-parasitic fungus Clonostachys rosea

Fig. 4

Reconciliation of serine protease S8A subgroup S08.005 (subtilisin) gene tree with the species tree by NOTUNG. Nodes marked in red and the letter D indicates a gene duplication event, while terminal branches marked in grey indicates a gene loss. Abbreviations: CR = Clonostachys rosea, FG = Fusarium graminearum, FS = F. solani, HM = Hirsutella minnesotensis, HT = H. thompsonii, HS = H. sinensis, TR = Trichoderma reesei, TV = T. virens, TA = T. atroviride and NC = Neurospora crassa

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