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Fig. 2

From: Evolutionary diversity and novelty of DNA repair genes in asexual Bdelloid rotifers

Fig. 2

Fpg. a Phylogeny of Fpg and Nei genes; Adineta vaga Fpg is in red. Clades with greater than 70% RAxML bootstrap support or 90% MrBayes posterior probability are marked with red and blue asterisks, respectively. Complete trees and accession numbers and species names of OTUs are available in Additional file 2. b The 8-oxoG capping loop region of Fpg (DNA shown in black). LeftA. vaga (AvFpg) in bronze threaded onto Geobacillus stearothermophilus Fpg (BstFpg, from Bacillus basonym, PDB 1R2Y) in blue. The BstFpg αF-β9/10 loop (purple) extends down to cover and trap the 8-oxoG, but AvFpg αF-β9/10 loop (red), is predicted to be too short to fully cover an 8-oxoG in the binding pocket. Right, Arabidopsis thaliana Fpg (AthFpg, PDB: 3TWK) in bronze overlaying BstFpg in blue, as shown in [43]. Here, the much shorter AthFpg αF-β9/10 loop (orange) cannot trap 8-oxoG in the binding pocket as the BstFpg loop (purple) can

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