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Fig. 2

From: Double maternal-effect: duplicated nucleoplasmin 2 genes, npm2a and npm2b, with essential but distinct functions are shared by fish and tetrapods

Fig. 2

Conserved genomic synteny of nucleoplasmin 2, npm2, genes. Genomic synteny maps comparing the orthologs of npm2a, npm2b, and their neighboring genes. npm2 genes are named as npm2a and npm2b (formerly known as npm2). The other genes were named after their human orthologs according to the Human Genome Naming Consortium (HGNC). Orthologs of each gene are shown in the same color. The direction of arrows indicates the gene orientation, with the ID of the genomic segment indicated above and the position of the gene (in 10− 6 base pairs) indicated below. The full gene names and detailed genomic locations are given in Additional file 5

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