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Fig. 1

From: Double maternal-effect: duplicated nucleoplasmin 2 genes, npm2a and npm2b, with essential but distinct functions are shared by fish and tetrapods

Fig. 1

Consensus phylogenetic tree of nucleoplasmin 2 (Npm2) proteins. This phylogenetic tree was constructed based on the amino acid sequences of Npm2 proteins (for the references of each sequence see Additional file 2) using the Maximum Likelihood method with 1000 bootstrap replicates. The number shown at each branch node indicates the bootstrap value (%). The tree was rooted using Npm3 and Npm1 sequences. The Npm2a sequences are in blue, the Npm2b sequences are in red, the salmonid Npm2b1 sequences are in purple, and the salmonid Npm2b2 sequences are in pink

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