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Fig. 6

From: Phylogenetic and genomic analyses of the ribosomal oxygenases Riox1 (No66) and Riox2 (Mina53) provide new insights into their evolution

Fig. 6

Phylogenetic tree of Riox1 (No66) orthologues proteins and exon-intron architecture of the corresponding protein encoding genes. The tree was inferred through a maximum-likelihood analysis of 41 representative species (IQ-TREE). The tree shown is a consensus tree with SH-like aLRT and ultrafast bootstrap (UFboot) values (numbers in parentheses SH-aLRT support (%)/ultrafast bootstrap support (%)) given as branch support values. Good branch support is confirmed with SH-aLRT > = 80% and UFboot > = 95%. The Tree is unrooted although the outgroup taxon ‘Trichoplax’ is drawn at root. The scale bar indicates 0.64 substitutions per site. Blue boxes and lines on the right show the gene architectures of the corresponding genes with exons and introns, respectively. Filled boxes represent protein-coding exons, empty boxes represent non-coding 5′- and 3’-UTR exons. Numbers in parentheses indicate total number of exons. Red rectangles encircle single exon, intronless genes present in three different taxa (Mammalia, Aves, and Insecta, grey background shading). Stars indicate species for which completed (non-fragmented) gene architecture annotations are yet not available

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