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Fig. 5

From: HERV-W group evolutionary history in non-human primates: characterization of ERV-W orthologs in Catarrhini and related ERV groups in Platyrrhini

Fig. 5

Phylogenetic analysis of Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Orangutan and Gibbon ERV-W nucleotide sequences lacking an ortholog in the human genome. Gammaretrovirus-like HERV reference sequences were retrieved from RepBase. For the HERV-W group, both RepBase reference and the consensus sequences generated previously from the proviral dataset [44] were included and marked with a filled square. The ERV1–1 reference sequence from RepBase and the consensus generated from the proviral sequences dataset in this study are marked with an empty square. Evolutionary relationships were inferred by using the ML method and the Kimura-2-parameter model. The resulting phylogeny was tested using the bootstrap method with 100 replicates: the obtained bootstrap values are reported near each node (bootstrap values lower than 30% are not shown). Length of branches indicates the number of substitutions per site

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