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Fig. 1

From: The pivotal role of aristaless in development and evolution of diverse antennal morphologies in moths and butterflies

Fig. 1

Various antennal morphologies in Lepidoptera. Examples of antennae with various morphologies in various species of Lepidoptera are presented. Note that antennae associated with branches or protrusions occur in several independent lineages within Lepidoptera. The unscaled phylogenetic tree shown in the left side of photographs is based on the maximum likelihood tree by Regier et al. [49]. The tree form concerning the shown species is consistent with that of the recent more probable tree by Kawahara et al. except for the Psychidae not included in the analysis [7]. Species name are presented at upper-left corner and those of family, superfamily and subclade are indicated in the right side of photographs. Magnifications of photographs are arbitrary

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