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Fig. 6

From: The influence of molecular markers and methods on inferring the phylogenetic relationships between the representatives of the Arini (parrots, Psittaciformes), determined on the basis of their complete mitochondrial genomes

Fig. 6

Tree topologies with 11 taxa (F, G, H, I, J and K) obtained from concatenated alignments including all markers (ALL) and without the control region (ALL-CR) for the following phylogenetic approaches: Bayesian in MrBayes (MB) and PhyloBayes (PB), maximum likelihood with partitioned data in TreeFinder (TF) and not-partitioned in PAUP (ML) as well as neighbour joining (NJ), minimum evolution (ME), weighted least squares (WLS) and maximum parsimony (MP) in PAUP. The abbreviations of the data sets and methods that produced the given topology are shown above the corresponding tree. Support values at individual nodes were presented in Fig. 7

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