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Table 1 Bacterial species known not to contain secondary metabolite gene clusters

From: Assessing in silico the recruitment and functional spectrum of bacterial enzymes from secondary metabolism

Bacterial species and description Tax-ID
Dehalococcoides sp. VS
Chloroflexi (ph), Dehalococcoidia (cl), Dehalococcoidales (or), Dehalococcoidaceae (fa), Dehalococcoides (gn)
Anaerobic, obligately organohalide-respiring
Dehalogenimonas lykanthroporepellens BL-DC-9
Chloroflexi (ph), Dehalococcoidia (cl), Dehalogenimonas (gn)
Strictly anaerobic, mesophilic, non spore-forming, Gram-negative
Chloroflexus aurantiacus J-10-fl
Chloroflexi (ph), Chloroflexia (cl), Chloroflexales (or), Chloroflexaceae (fa), Chloroflexus (gn)
Filamentous anoxygenic phototroph, thermophilic green bacterium
Deferribacter desulfuricans SSM1
Deferribacteres (ph), Deferribacterales (or), Deferribacteraceae (fa), Deferribacter (gn)
Strictly anaerobic, thermophilic, sulphur-reducing, heterotroph
Calditerrivibrio nitroreducens Yu37-1
Deferribacteres (ph), Deferribacterales (or), Deferribacteraceae (fa)
Strictly anaerobic, moderately thermophilic, nitrate-reducing, Gram-negative, non-sporulating
Denitrovibrio acetiphilus N2460
Deferribacteres (ph), Deferribacterales (or), Deferribacteraceae (fa), Denitrovibrio (gn)
Obligately anaerobic, mesophilic, nitrate reducing
Flexistipes sinusarabici MAS10
Deferribacteres (ph), Deferribacterales (or), Deferribacteraceae (fa), Flexistipes (gn)
Strictly anaerobic, moderately thermophilic, Gram-negative, non-motile, heterotrophic, marine habitat
Desulfurispirillum indicum S5
Chrysiogenetes (ph), Chrysiogenales (or), Chrysiogenaceae (fa), Desulfurispirillum (gn)
Strictly anaerobic, uses selenate, selenite, arsenate, nitrate or nitrite as terminal electron acceptors
Thermodesulfatator indicus CIR 29812
Thermodesulfobacteria (ph), Thermodesulfobacteriales (or), Thermodesulfobacteriaceae (fa), Thermodesulfatator (gn)
Anaerobic, thermophilic, chemolithoautotrophic sulfate reducer isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent
Thermanaerovibrio acidaminovorans Su883
Synergistetes (ph), Synergistia (cl), Synergistales (or), Synergistaceae (fa), Thermanaerovibrio (gn)
Anaerobic, isolated from an reactor of a sugar refinery, Gram-negative, motile, non-spore-forming
Aminobacterium colombiense ALA-1
Synergistetes (ph), Synergistia (cl), Synergistales (or), Synergistaceae (fa), Aminobacterium (gn)
Isolated from an anaerobic lagoon, mesophilic, amino acid fermenting, Gram-negative, non-sporulating
Thermovirga lienii Cas60314
Synergistetes (ph), Synergistia (cl), Synergistales (or), Synergistaceae (fa), Thermovirga (gn)
Anaerobic, thermophilic, chemoorganotrophic, Gram-negative, motile, from a marine oil well
Akkermansia muciniphila ATCC BAA-835
Verrucomicrobia (ph), Verrucomicrobiae (cl), Verrucomicrobiales (or), Akkermansiaceae (fa), Akkermansia (gn)
Anaerobic, isolated from the human intestinal tract
Thermus scotoductus SA-01
Deinococcus-Thermus (ph), Deinococci (cl), Thermales (or), Thermaceae (fa), Thermus (gn)
Growth with oxygen and nitrate as terminal electron acceptors, reduces a variety of metal ions
Candidatus Cloacamonas acidaminovorans
Candidatus Cloacimonetes (ph), Candidatus Cloacimonas (gn)
Anaerobic digester of a municipal wastewater treatment plant
  1. The respective genomes are part of KEGG databases. The name, the NCBI Tax-ID and the phylogenetic lineage are listed; abbreviations are: phylum (ph), class (cl), order (or), family (fa), genus (gn). Additionally, a short description of the habitat and of the species are given, which were taken from [19]