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Fig. 3

From: Assessing in silico the recruitment and functional spectrum of bacterial enzymes from secondary metabolism

Fig. 3

Multifunctionality deduced from homologous PM/SM pairs and determined for EC subdivisions. The nodes represent EC subdivisions and arrows indicate the relation of functional difference PM* → SM*. For example, the arrow 2.6.1 → 4.2.1 signals that PM* homologs of SM* subdivision 4.2.1 belong to EC subdivision 2.6.1; this arrow is marked with a ♦. The width of the arrows represents the number of BLAST hits of enzymes from enzymes SM* in enzymes PM* and their color the mean E-value; hits were binned as indicated. In addition, for each subdivision, the number of PM* BLAST hits is given and the rate of functional conservation fc, which is the fraction of PM* BLAST hits that belong to the same EC subdivision as the SM* queries. Subdivisions that do not occur in enzymes PM* are indicated by a “-“

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