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Table 2 Digital expression analysis of angptls transcripts in the teleost skin

From: Evolution of the angiopoietin-like gene family in teleosts and their role in skin regeneration

Symbol Teleost EST Sea bass transcriptome Sea bream microarray
angptl1a ni ni ni
angptl1b ni ni ni
angptl2a ni ni ni
angptl2b ni 1050028/1053154 ni
angptl3a ni ni ni
angptl3b ni ni SAPD06471_1/
angptl4a ni 1054686 SAPD06461_1/
angptl4b GH688340 1076279/1094540 ni
angptl5 ni ni ni
angptl6 ni ni ni
angptl7 AM979347/DT055381 1091792 SAPD09662_2
angptl9a ni ni ni
angptl9b ni 1099452 ni
  1. Searches were performed against the teleost NCBI database, sea bass skin transcriptome (Patricia Pinto, personal communication) and sea bream skin scale microarray probes [8] ni: not identified