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Table 1 Overview of the series of multivariate mixed-effect models fitted and compared to estimate diet effects on individual differentiation in behaviour and within-individual behavioural stability

From: You are what you eat: diet shapes body composition, personality and behavioural stability

Model Variance structures Model description
Model 1 (M1) VCC = VCP = VPC = VPP Null model – Homogeneity of variance components across all diet treatments
Model 2 (M2) [VCC = VCP] ≠ [VPC = VPP] Effect of juvenile diet - V was constrained the same within the same juvenile diet treatments
Model 3 (M3) [VCC = VPC] ≠ [VCP = VPP] Effect of adult diet - V was constrained the same within the same adult diet treatments.
Model 4 (M4) VCC ≠ VCP ≠ VPC ≠ VPP Additive/non-additive effect of juvenile and adult diet -Unconstrained model.
  1. Models differ in whether treatment-specific variance components (V) were estimated as distinct or constrained to be identical. This procedure was applied to study treatment effects on either among-individual (VI) or within-individual variances (VR)