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Fig. 3

From: You are what you eat: diet shapes body composition, personality and behavioural stability

Fig. 3

Carbohydrate and protein intake of a juveniles, and b adult males and females. In both panels, stars indicate intake targets when adult individuals are given a choice between nutritionally complementary diets (juvenile: closed star in (a); adult male: closed star in (b); adult female: open star in (b)). In panels, circles indicate the nutrient intake when individuals (juvenile: closed circle in (a); adult male: closed circle in (b); adult female: open circle in (b)) are given an imbalanced diet (either 5:1 C:P or 1:5 C:P). Error bars represent standard errors but too small errors are not visible in the figure. Dotted lines represent the experimental high-carbohydrate (5:1) and high-protein (1:5) diets

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