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Fig. 2

From: Genetic mechanisms of bone digestion and nutrient absorption in the bone-eating worm Osedax japonicus inferred from transcriptome and gene expression analyses

Fig. 2

Expression patterns of mmp genes in Osedax japonicus. Purple signals are expression of mmp genes and yellow signals are expression of 16S rRNA of Neptunomonas japonica. Sagittal sections. Anterior is top. ac Broad epidermal expression of Oja-mmp21. dj Expression patterns of Oja-mmp5, Oja-mmp6, Oja-mmp7, Oja-mmp15, Oja-mmp17, Oja-mmp20, and Oja-mmp24 in the epidermis of the root. kn Expression patterns of Oja-mmp12, Oja-mmp16, Oja-mmp18, and Oja-mmp19 in the root epidermis and bacteriocytes. o Expression of Oja-mmp22 in bacteriocytes. p Expression of Oja-mmp9 in follicle cells and connective tissue surrounding oocytes. qs Expression of Oja-mmp10 was detected in the connective tissue surrounding oocytes. Counterstaining with DAPI indicated that Oja-mmp10 was also expressed in follicle cells. t Oja-mmp11 expression detected in the germinal epithelium between the stalks of developing oocytes. bc, bacteriocyte; ct, connective tissue; epo, ovisac epidermis; epr, root epidermis; oc, oocyte; ol, ovarian lobe; ov, ovisac; r, root; u, uterus. Scale bars: A = 500 μm; B, C, R, S = 50 μm; D–Q, T = 200 μm

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