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Fig. 2

From: Population subdivision of hydrothermal vent polychaete Alvinella pompejana across equatorial and Easter Microplate boundaries

Fig. 2

Haplotype networks of the twelve genetic loci. a The circles represent each unique haplotype which is scaled proportionally by relative frequency. The smallest white circles represent missed haplotypes in DNA samples and the line between the circles represents a single nucleotide difference between them. The three colors of the circles correspond to three geographic regions of the eastern Pacific ridges as illustrated in Fig. 1: blue = NEPR; green = SEPR; red = PAR. b Pie diagrams represent frequencies of twelve different loci in each sampling locality. For the sake of simplicity, some colors are omitted in the above haplotype network, but used here to represent different haplotypes. Gray color represents private alleles seen only at that single locality, and different private alleles are separated by a white line

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