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Fig. 2

From: Spatial pattern of genetic diversity and selection in the MHC class II DRB of three Neotropical bat species

Fig. 2

Amino acid sequence variation and overall frequency of MHC class II DR beta exon 2 alleles of C. perspicillata, D. rotundus and M. molossus. DRB sequences of Homo sapiens (accession number: NG_29921), C. perspicillata (Cape-DRB*01, accession number: JQ388830), N. albiventris (Noal-DRB*01, accession number: HM347941) and A. jamaicensis (Arja-DRB*01, accession number: KJ010995) are given for comparison. Antigen-binding sites (ABS) of the HLA-DRB1 molecule are shadowed [65]. Dots mark identity with the top sequence. Numbers in italics indicate the amino acid positions within the beta 1 domain of the HLA-DRB1 molecule. Asterisks indicate the positively selected sites (PSS) identified in each species, according to acceptance criteria described in the Methods section [68]. † indicates PSS identified by [35], and ‡ indicates PSS identified by [38]

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