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Fig. 1

From: The phylogenetic significance of leaf anatomical traits of southern African Oxalis

Fig. 1

Summary of strongly supported Oxalis clades represented on the ITS phylogenetic tree from our study. Numbered clades correspond to those described by Oberlander et al. (2011) [19] and as mentioned in the text and figures throughout this article. Basal relationships amongst the Clade 4 lineages are unresolved in this ITS phylogenetic tree. The annotations of number of species refer to the number included in our study, which is approximately 50 % of all southern African Oxalis. Photographs of southern African Oxalis plants (a) O. livida from Clade 3, b O. haedulipes from Clade 2, c O. grammophyla from Clade 13, d O. stellata from Clade 5, e O. hirta from Clade 11, f O. glabra from Clade 12, g O. purpurea from Clade 7, h O. flava from Clade 8

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