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Fig. 5

From: Recent horizontal transfer, functional adaptation and dissemination of a bacterial group II intron

Fig. 5

Graphical representation of the mobility efficiency of Ef.PcfG, flanked by its wild-type exons, to both the ltrB-HS (black bars) and the pcfG-HS (open bars). The eight point mutations between Ef.PcfG and Ll.LtrB were independently engineered within Ef.PcfG (Mut #1 to Mut #8) and their mobility efficiencies are compared to wild-type Ef.PcfG (*, p < 0.05). All mutants are significantly more efficient at homing to the pcfG-HS than the ltrB-HS (p < 0.05). Each mobility efficiency value corresponds to the average of six independent mobility assays

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