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Fig. 1

From: Recent horizontal transfer, functional adaptation and dissemination of a bacterial group II intron

Fig. 1

Comparison between the Ef.PcfG and Ll.LtrB group II introns and various relaxase genes from L. lactis and E. faecalis. a Description and location of the eight point mutations (Mut #1-Mut #8) that distinguish Ef.PcfG from Ll.LtrB within pRS01. All mutations except one (Mut #1, domain III) are located in domain IV within the intron-encoded protein (IEP) gene. Five mutations (Mut #2 to Mut #6) are located in the reverse transcriptase domain (IEP-RT) while two (Mut #7, Mut #8) are within the DNA binding domain (IEP-DB) of the IEP. Among the mutations located within the IEP, five are missense (Mut #2, Mut #5 to Mut #8) while the other two are silent (Mut #3, Mut #4). The nucleotide (nt) and amino acid (aa) numberings are in reference to the first nt of the intron (2492 nt) and the first aa of the IEP (599 aa) respectively. b Sequence alignement of the intron insertion sites in various relaxase genes from L. lactis (ltrB) and E. faecalis (pcfG and mobA). The intron insertion site or homing site (HS) (black arrowhead) and the percentage of homology between the three sequences are depicted. The IBS1, IBS2 and ∂’ sequences are boxed and the nts that are complementary to the EBS1, EBS2 and ∂ sequences are bolded and underlined. Nts of ltrB-HS that are known to interact with LtrA are denoted by an asterisk [50]

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