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Fig. 3

From: Molecular evolution of Odorant-binding proteins gene family in two closely related Anastrepha fruit flies

Fig. 3

Bayes Empirical Bayes showing posterior probabilities of sites under purifying (0 < ω < 1), neutral (ω = 1) and positive selection (ω > 1). Amino acid in codon position ‘1’ is cysteine C1. Dashed red lines indicate the posterior probability threshold of 0.95. a) results for AoblOBP56h-1 and AfraOBP56h-1; b) results for AoblOBP56h-2 and AfraOBP56h-2; c) results for AoblOBP57c and AfraOBP57c; d) results for AoblOBP50a, AfraOBP50a-1 and AfraOBP50a-2

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