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Fig. 5

From: Expanding anchored hybrid enrichment to resolve both deep and shallow relationships within the spider tree of life

Fig. 5

a - ASTRAL species tree inference based on the Maximum Likelihood inferred individual gene trees from the 25 taxa Euctenizidae family/genus level dataset, comprising 403 loci and 133,614 bp. ASTRAL analyzes unrooted gene trees; tree was subsequently rooted at the branch leading to the Idiopidae outgroup. ASTRAL node support values = support based on the RAxML bootstrap support from all trees and all loci. b - Maximum Likelihood analysis of the Euctenizidae concatenated supermatrix. Black circles denote 100 % bootstrap support; black squares denote bootstrap support between 99-80 %; white squares denote bootstrap support less than 80 %. The species tree inference is likely the more appropriate evaluation of the data at this timescale. Inset key and colors denote certain historical taxonomic groupings recovered with our sampling. The non-monophyly of the morphological Atomarius and Hesperus species groups is identified. Novel taxa are denoted by an asterisk. Photographs illustrate a generalized spider lineage corresponding to that region of the phylogeny

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