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Fig. 1

From: Reverse U-to-C editing exceeds C-to-U RNA editing in some ferns – a monilophyte-wide comparison of chloroplast and mitochondrial RNA editing suggests independent evolution of the two processes in both organelles

Fig. 1

Mitochondrial RNA editing in a broad sampling of monilophyte taxa. The cladogram on the left is based on recent phylogenetic insights [27]. Experimentally verified (bold) and predicted (non-bold) RNA editing sites in the four mitochondrial loci atp1, nad5, rpl2, and rps1 are shown. Predictions of RNA editing sites were done with PREPACT [70] as described under methods. Numbers behind the plus (+) signs indicate additional unpredictable silent edits identified in the cDNA sequences. Hyphens (−) indicate lacking data. Editing site numbers marked with an asterisk (*) are derived from shorter amplicon sequences. Amplicon lengths in rpl2 vary in Equisetales, Ophioglossales, Psilotales and Marattiales owing to a hypervariable region in the first exon [27]

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