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Fig. 4

From: Population structure and genetic diversity in the nannandrous moss Homalothecium lutescens: does the dwarf male system facilitate gene flow?

Fig. 4

STRUCTURE plots of four populations of the moss Homalothecium lutescens. The population genetic structure in the moss Homalothecium lutescens from analyses with the programs STRUCTURE and CLUMPP for (A) K = 4 and (B) K = 15 (divided by population). Each plot was based on 68 SNPs from 314 individuals in four populations (AP, KP, LQ and CK). The plots are read from left to right and are sorted by population and colony (5 colonies in AP, KP and LQ, 6 colonies in CK), with bars representing individual admixture proportions to different genetic clusters (represented by different colours) (d = dwarf males, hs = host shoot, s = female shoots)

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