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Fig. 3

From: Population structure and genetic diversity in the nannandrous moss Homalothecium lutescens: does the dwarf male system facilitate gene flow?

Fig. 3

PcoA of four populations of the moss Homalothecium lutescens. Results from a principal coordinate analysis (upper graph: axes 1 and 2; lower graph: axes 1 and 3) based on a genetic distance matrix of female shoots and dwarf males (314 individuals) in four populations (AP, KP, LQ and CK) of the moss Homalothecium lutescens in southern Sweden. Two female haplotypes (circles with thicker outline, enlarged in the upper graph) are present in two different populations (AP/KP and CK/LQ), and are colour coded according to the proportion from each population (in both occasions, the smaller proportion represents a single shoot)

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