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Table 4 Results from general linear models testing for differences in a) tadpole survival and development (according to [97]) until metamorphosis and b) froglet survival and body mass until July of the following year

From: Post-zygotic selection against parental genotypes during larval development maintains all-hybrid populations of the frog Pelophylax esculentus

a) Tadpoles   Survival Development
Source df F P F P
Offspring type 4 9.81 <0.001 3.51 0.009
Treatment 2 23.10 <0.001 93.36 <0.001
Offspring Type x Treatment 8 1.13 0.121 1.86 0.071
Crossing type 1 2.43 0.346 0.13 0.715
b) Froglets   Survival Body mass
Froglet type 1 5.59 0.027 0.66 0.532
  1. In a) independent variables are three hybrid (LLR, LR and LRR) and two parental offspring types (LL and RR), three food treatments (low, medium and high), the offspring x food interaction and the variable “crossing type” describing whether the crossed males and females came from the same or from different ponds. In b) “froglet type” consists of two categories: parental or hybrid offspring