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Figure 3

From: Selection towards different adaptive optima drove the early diversification of locomotor phenotypes in the radiation of Neotropical geophagine cichlids

Figure 3

Disparity through time (DTT) plots for PC1 and PC2 axes. Grey lines show a random subset of 10 000 Brownian motion (BM) simulations that fall within the 95% confidence interval of the 1000 simulations performed for each of the 1000 posterior distribution trees. The dotted line is the mean change in disparity across all simulations and the solid black line shows the mean of the actual change in disparity across the 1000 trees. The observed DTT curve for PC1 was compared to simulations under the A) SURFACE model, B) early burst model, and C) BM model. D) The observed DTT curve for PC2 was compared to simulations under a single-peak Ornstein Uhlenbeck model.

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