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Figure 4

From: On the edge of Bantu expansions: mtDNA, Y chromosome and lactase persistence genetic variation in southwestern Angola

Figure 4

Y-chromosome haplogroup variation in southwestern Angola and other African populations. A) and B) Correspondence analysis plots based on haplogroup frequency profiles from several African populations (A) and different ethnolinguistic groups from Namibe (B). Percentages in parentheses indicate the total fraction of the genetic variation that was captured by each dimension. Geographic regions were defined as in Figure 1B. Angola refers to a sample from Cabinda. Namibe includes all groups sampled in this study. C) Y-chromosome haplogroup frequencies in the Namibe province and in other African population groups. D) Y-chromosome haplogroup frequencies in the four population groups sampled in the Namibe province. Abbreviations are the same as Figure 2.

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