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Figure 12

From: The genome sequence of the protostome Daphnia pulexencodes respective orthologues of a neurotrophin, a Trk and a p75NTR: Evolution of neurotrophin signaling components and related proteins in the bilateria

Figure 12

Schematic representation of Trk-related RTKs. Organization of Trk, Trkl, NRK and ROR protein domains in various protostome and deuterostome representatives: The intracellular tyrosine kinases (TK) are depicted in different shades of red depending on their affiliation to the Trk, Trkl, NRK or ROR families. The transmembrane domains are in grey. The immunoglobulin (Ig) domains are in different shades of blue depending on their type (Ig, IgC1 or IgGC2), the Kringle domains are in dark pink (KR), the EGF domain is in light pink, the Cys Rich Domains are in yellow (C), and leucine rich repeats are in green (LRR).

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