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Table 1 Sequences flanking the insertion points of novel introns in vertebrate serpin genes.

From: Multiple gains of spliceosomal introns in a superfamily of vertebrate protease inhibitor genes

Species Gene Intron Flanking sequences
T. rubripes Angiotensinogen 77c (75) CCAG↑TCTC
G. aculeatus Angiotensinogen 77c (140) CCAG↑TACC
O. latipes Angiotensinogen 77c (82) TCTG↑CGTC
T. rubripes Angiotensinogen 233c (80) TAAG↑GTTC
G. aculeatus Angiotensinogen 233c (112) TAAG↑GTAC
O. latipes Angiotensinogen 233c (80) TAAG↑TTGA
T. rubripes HCII 241c (75) ACAG↑CTCC
T. nigroviridis HCII 241c (70) ACAG↑CTCC
G. aculeatus HCII 241c (82) ACAG↑CTCC
O. latipes HCII 241c (98) ACAG↑CTCC
T. rubripes HSP47_1 36b (178) TCAG↑CCTC
G. aculeatus HSP47_1 36b (141) TCAG↑CCTC
O. latipes HSP47_1 36b (100) TTAG↑CCTT
T. rubripes HSP47_1 102c (88) TGAG↑TTGA
G. aculeatus HSP47_1 102c (123) CGAG↑GTGA
O. latipes HSP47_1 102c (97) TGAA↑GTGA
T. rubripes Spn_94a 94a (68) CCAG↑AGCT
T. nigroviridis Spn_94a 94a (68) CCAG↑ATCT
G. aculeatus Spn_94a 94a (74) CCAG↑ATCT
O. latipes Spn_94a 94a (111) CCAG↑ATCT
T. rubripes Spn_215c 215c (76) CAAG↑GTTC
T. nigroviridis Spn_215c 215c (68) CAAG↑GTCC
  1. Arrows indicate the intron insertion points. Intron sizes are given in brackets.