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Figure 2

From: Detecting the molecular scars of evolution in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex by analyzing interrupted coding sequences

Figure 2

Hypothetical phylogenetic links assessed by comparative analyses of ICDSs. In this schematic representation, the common ancestor gave rise to several branches of strains of the TB complex. Eighty-one frameshifts were acquired during the common evolution of M. bovis and M. tuberculosis. Since the separation of these species, M. bovis has acquired 51 frameshifts, while the branch leading to M. tuberculosis isolates has acquired 19 new frameshifts. Since separation of the isolates, M. tuberculosis H37Rv has acquired 12 new frameshifts and CDC1551 36 new frameshifts. Common and unique ICDSs are shown in dark and light gray, respectively. "*" these 8 ICDSs correspond to full-length ORF in M. tuberculosis 210 and in M. africanum GM041182. "**" 7 out of these 11 ICDSs correspond to full-length ORF in M. africanum GM041182 (Table 2).

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