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Figure 5

From: The evolutionary history of sharp- and blunt-snouted lenok (Brachymystax lenok (Pallas, 1773)) and its implications for the paleo-hydrological history of Siberia

Figure 5

Parsimony networks of CR haplotypes Parsimony network (95%) of CR haplotypes observed in blunt- and sharp-snouted B. lenok from Siberia including the nine haplotypes from GenBank (shown in red), representing Chinese and Korean samples. Circle size is proportional to observed haplotype frequencies and black points represent unobserved haplotypes. [The name B. tumensis was suggested for blunt-snouted lenok, but this name was first given to fish bearing the haplotype from the Tumen River, shown in this network to group with the sharp-snouted mtDNA lineage.]

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