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Figure 1

From: Assembling an arsenal, the scorpion way

Figure 1

B. occitanus israelis venom gland transcript distribution. (A) A phylogenetic tree analysis of putative toxins. Toxin families are highlighted according to their estimated blocking targets, i.e. Na+, K+, Cl- or Ca2+ channels, based on homology to known toxins [16]. Putative toxins with no known homologs were termed 'other toxins'. Only full-length distinct cDNA sequences were used for the protein data set construction. (B) Toxin families' transcript distribution. The number of distinct members of each family is presented as is their relative representation within the cDNA library. (C) Transcript expression levels. The number of clones obtained for each of the individual transcripts in the cDNA library is indicated. The estimated affiliation of each transcript is shown by shading of the bars.

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