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Figure 4

From: Evolution of the parasitic wasp subfamily Rogadinae (Braconidae): phylogeny and evolution of lepidopteran host ranges and mummy characteristics

Figure 4

Bayesian phylogram derived from the 28S + COI data sets. Bayesian phylogram obtained from the simultaneous (28S + COI) analysis (30 million generations; burn-in = 20 million generations). Asterisks and black circles above branches indicate clades supported by posterior probabilities of 0.8–0.94 and ≥ 0.95, respectively. Host records for the terminal taxa included are indicated in colours. Numbered clades correspond to selected groups investigated for molecular dating and ancestral reconstruction analyses (see also Tables 1 and 2). The ancestral states of selected clades that were recovered by the Bayesian method are illustrated, with the coloured length representing the ancestral posterior probabilities (APP) obtained for the host ranges character (see APP values obtained for the three ancestral character reconstructions examined in Table 2).

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