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Table 4 Analysis of variance for the sperm incapacitation and sperm release experiments.

From: Female-driven mechanisms, ejaculate size and quality contribute to the lower fertility of sex-ratio distorter males in Drosophila simulans

Source d.f. SS F p
Percentage of dead sperm in double mating     
   First male genotype 1 0.022 1.33 0.3
   Second interrupted mating 2 0.031 0.92 0.4
Number of stored sperm in double mating     
   First male genotype 1 164431.35 34.66 < 0.001
   Second interrupted mating 2 26451.23 2.79 0.070
  1. Comparison of the percentage of dead or stored sperm of a first male (SR or ST) 96 h after a mating, depending on the nature of the second interrupted mating: without second interrupted mating, second SR male, second ST male.