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Table 1 Eukaryotic β-hexosaminidase proteins belonging to the Glycosyl hydrolase family 20 used in Figure 4.

From: Phylogenetic analyses suggest multiple changes of substrate specificity within the Glycosyl hydrolase 20 family

Number Name Accession number Organism Taxonomy
1 Hex1_At AAD30612.1 Arabidopsis thaliana Eukaryota Viridiplantae
2 Hex2_At AAM91092.1 Arabidopsis thaliana  
3 Hex3_At BAE99290.1 Arabidopsis thaliana  
4 Hex1_Os BAC83175.1 Oryza sativa  
5 Hex2_Os AAU44085.1 Oryza sativa  
6 Hex3_Os BAD87534.1 Oryza sativa  
7 Hex4_Os BAF11315.1 Oryza sativa  
8 Hex5_Os AAV32135.1 Oryza sativa  
9 Hex_Aa * Aedes aegypti Eukaryota Insecta
10 Hex_Ag * (HEXO1) Anopheles gambiae  
11 Hex1_Am XP_624793.1 (HEXO2) Apis melliphera  
12 Hex2_Am XP_001122538.1 (FDL) Apis melliphera  
13 Hex1_Bm AAC60521.1 (HEXO1) Bombyx mori  
14 Hex2_Bm AAT99455.1 (HEXO2) Bombyx mori  
15 Hex_Bman AAG48701.1 Bombyx mandarina  
16 Hex_Cf AAX94571.1 Choristoneura fumiferana  
17 Hex1_Dm AAF47881.1 (HEXO1) Drosophila melanogaster  
18 Hex2_Dm AAM48390.1 (HEXO2) Drosophila melanogaster  
19 Hex3_Dm AAM29423.1 (FDL) Drosophila melanogaster  
20 Hex1_Dp XP_001352600.1 (HEXO1) Drosophila pseudoobscura  
21 Hex2_Dp XP_001354979.1 (HEXO2) Drosophila pseudoobscura  
22 Hex3_Dp XP_001361860.1 (FDL) Drosophila pseudoobscura  
23 Hex_Ms AAQ97603.1 Manduca sexta  
24 Hex_Of ABI81756.1 Ostrinia furnacalis  
25 Hex1_Sf ABA27427.1 Spodoptera frugiperda  
26 Hex2_Sf ABB76924.1 Spodoptera frugiperda  
27 Hex_Tni AAL82580.1 Trichoplusia ni  
28 Hex_Tc XP_975660.1 Tribolium castaneum  
29 Hex_Bt ABG66991.1 Bos Taurus Eukaryota Mammalia
30 Hex_Cfa ENSCAFP00000026129 Canis familiaris  
31 Hex_Fc AAB30707.2 Felis catus  
32 Hex1_Hs AAB00965.1 (HEXA) Homo sapiens  
33 Hex2_Hs AAA52645.1 (HEXB) Homo sapiens  
34 Hex1_Mf BAE01310.1 Macaca fascicularis  
35 Hex2_Mf BAE02244.1 Macaca fascicularis  
36 Hex1_Mm ENSMMUP00000014005 Macaca mulatta  
37 Hex2_Mm ENSMMUP00000026294 Macaca mulatta  
38 Hex1_Md ENSMODP00000002170 Monodelphis domestica  
39 Hex2_Md ENSMODP00000002282 Monodelphis domestica  
40 Hex1_Mmu AAC53246.1 Mus musculus  
41 Hex2_Mmu AAA18776.1 Mus musculus  
42 Hex_Oa ENSOANP00000024872 Ornithorhynchus anaticus  
43 Hex1_Pt ENSPTRP00000012396 Pan troglodytes  
44 Hex2_Pt ENSPTRP00000029093 Pan troglodytes  
45 Hex_Pp CAH90623.1 Pongo pygmaeus  
46 Hex1_Rn AAH82097.1 Rattus norvegicus  
47 Hex2_Rn AAH79376.1 Rattus norvegicus  
48 Hex_Ss CAA63123.1 Sus scrofa  
49 Hex1_Dr AAH93192.1 Danio rerio Eukaryota Teleostei
50 Hex2_Dr * Danio rerio  
51 Hex_Fr * Fugu rubripes  
52 Hex_Tn * Tetraodon nigroviridis  
53 Hex_Xt * Xenopus tropicalis Eukaryota Amphibia
54 Hex_Gg CAG32597.1 Gallus gallus Eukaryota Aves
55 Hex_Cbr * Caenorhabditis briggsae Eukaryota Nematoda
56 Hex1_Ce AAA91263.1 Caenorhabditis elegans  
57 Hex_Ani EAA63815.1 Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4 Eukaryota Fungi
58 Hex_Aor BAC41255.1 Aspergillus oryzae  
59 Hex_Cal AAA34346.2 Candida albicans  
60 Hex_Cpo ABB18373.1 Coccidioides posadasii C735  
61 Hex_Cba ABG77528.1 Cordyceps bassiana  
62 Hex_Cne AAW44323.1 Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans JEC21  
63 Hex_Mgr XP_365077.1 Magnaporthe grisea 70-15  
64 Hex_Man AAY17951.1 Metarhizium anisopliae  
65 Hex_Neo AAU29327.1 Neotyphodium sp. FCB-2004  
66 Hex_Tat AAT70229.1 Trichoderma atroviride  
67 Hex1_Th AAB47060.1 Trichoderma harzianum  
68 Hex2_Th AAB47061.1 Trichoderma harzianum  
69 Hex_Sja AAW26910.1 Schistosoma japonicum Eukaryota Trematoda
70 Hex_Fch ABB86961.1 Fenneropenaeus chinensis Eukaryota Crustacea
71 Hex1_Ehy CAE46968.1 Entamoeba histolytica Eukaryota Entamoebidae
72 Hex2_Ehy CAD10500.3 Entamoeba histolytica  
73 Hex1_Cin * Ciona intestinalis Eukaryota Ascidiacea
74 Hex2_Cin * Ciona intestinalis  
75 Hex_Pma CAD57204.1 Phallusia mammilata  
76 Hex_Ddi AAA33230.1 Dictyostelium discoideum Eukaryota Mycetozoa
  1. Asterisks indicate the novel amino acid sequences predicted in this study. Underlined accession numbers indicate hypothetical and/or unknown proteins in databases before our analysis