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Figure 2

From: Phylogenetic analyses suggest multiple changes of substrate specificity within the Glycosyl hydrolase 20 family

Figure 2

Multiple sequence alignments of representative eukaryotic divergent GH20 sequence proteins. Sequences were aligned with version Muscle [87]. Conserved motifs detected by MEME analysis are shaded in grey. Sequences containing the glutamate residue (E) known to be involved in the catalysis are red [5, 6]. Hex2_Ce: C. elegans [GenBank: AAA96105.3]; Hex3_Ce: C. elegans [GenBank: CAI06053.1]; Hex4_Ce: C. elegans [GenBank: CAO72177.1]; Hex5_Ce: C. elegans [GenBank: CAA22078.2]; Hex4_Dm: D. melanogaster [GenBank: NP_650689.1]; Hex4_Dp: D. pseudoobscura [GenBank XP_001359965.1]; Hex2_Aa: A. aegypti [GenBank: XP_001649003.1]; Hex2_Dr: D. rerio [GenBank: NP_001070635.1]; Hex3_Mm: M. musculus [GenBank: BAE32455.1]; Hex3_Hs: H. sapiens [GenBank: BAB85072.1].

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