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Table 1 Contrasting jackknife support at nodes of the 3-gene jackknife tree for three different search approaches. Contrasting jackknife support (from 500 replicates) at 429 resolved nodes of the 3-gene jackknife-50%-majority-rule-consensus tree (567 terminals) for three different search approaches per jackknife replicate. (1) one heuristic search saving one tree and using simple addition ("simple"); (2) 10 parsimony ratchet iterations, starting from a tree found with simple addition, using the first shortest tree only found within the 10 iterations for consensus tree calculation ("10sv1"); (3) as before, using a strict consensus of all shortest trees found within the 10 ratchet iterations per jackknife replication ("10svAll").

From: The efficiency of different search strategies in estimating parsimony jackknife, bootstrap, and Bremer support

Compared search strategy Sign test, % first < second Sign test, p Wilcoxon test, T Wilcoxon test, p Higher support in...
Simple vs. 10sv1 54.9 0.173 10685.5 0.311 ---
Simple vs. 10svAll 42.3 0.038 7442.5 0.005 Simple
10sv1 vs. 10svAll 6.9 0.000 1107 0.000 10sv1