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Figure 17

From: Mesozoic lacewings from China provide phylogenetic insight into evolution of the Kalligrammatidae (Neuroptera)

Figure 17

A composite system of the phylogenetic relationships within the Kalligrammatidae. 1: a, Parallel MP vein branches, b, Eyespot absence, c, Presence of a humeral recurrent vein (Vr). 2: a, A large triangular MP region, b, Presence wing eyespots. 3: Simple costal crossveins, with few interlinked veinlets. 4: a, Complex costal cross-venation, b, Deep MA forks. 5: Distal branching of MP. 6: a, Distal constriction of the costal region; b, Sinuate MP; c, Expanded region between CuA and CuP. 7: a, Broadly triangular forewing; b, 1A bifurcation at wing midsection or distally. 8: Proximal bifurcation of 1A vein. 9: a, Presence of a broad costal region; b, Few Rs branches. 10: Presence of an ORB.

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